Sentience (n): the ability to feel; having the power of sense perception. The state of quality of being sentient; concious & awareness.

Synonyms: Alert, Knowing, Responsive, Understanding

We are more than a digital agency.

We're thinkers - a team of Sages who are dedicated to working in partnership with you and your brand.


Sage (n): a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.

1. Someone venerated for the possession of wisdom, judgment, and experience.


  1. Knowledgeable
  2. Experienced
  3. Clever
  4. Enlightened

Meet our team of Sages. We’re thinkers, artists, lovers, foodies, travellers and tai bo fighters. Our interests are vast, but the common thread that links us together is our passion for knowledge, drive and personal dedication to our work and clients.

Meet our clients. They’re creatives, entrepreneurs, rule benders, trend setters and innovators. Above all, they are not clients but rather partners.

We believe in relationships and teamwork. Working in partnership with our clients to achieve the best outcomes; combining our skills with your strengths to achieve better online growth for your business. Let us impress you. Connect with our team of Sages now.

Mark Fraser

CEO - Sentius Group

Nicky Ginger

Group Strategy Director

Ember Mitchell

Group Strategy Director

Diverse team of experienced business, marketing and digital strategists to provide the support and direction your business needs

Erin Girvan

Digital Strategy Manager

Jarrod Firmani

Campaign Manager: Performance Media

We cover the full spectrum of business and marketing services as an extension of your business and team

Kim Morison

Senior Consultant: Web Projects & Research

We are strategy first. We provide business and marketing and brand strategy and plan development BEFORE creative and campaign

Maria Ferreira

Senior Consultant: PR & Content Marketing

Ann Nguyen

Campaign Manager: Client Performance

Felicity Bloom

Senior Campaign Consultant: SEO & Web Projects

Patrick Roden

Campaign Consultant: Paid Media

All about RESULTS and GROWTH. Our commitment is to guide and support the achievement of Growth for businesses and brands

Liam Quinn

Campaign Consultant: Social & Content Marketing

Tharindu Gunawardana

SEO Campaign & Project Manager

Steven Wallace

Director of Web Operations

Rod Fuller

Account Director

Joseph Ghaly

Business & Leadership Consultant

We place Strategy before Design, helping you formulate your brand identity, competitive positioning and communications strategies first.

Mark Brown

Graphic Designer

Lauren Mills

Graphic Designer

We build businesses & brands and we are all about real, measurable outcomes

Sarah Taylor

Graphic Designer

Scott Robertson

Website Projects Manager

Tuan Nguyen

Team Leader & Senior Developer

David Gupta

SEO Technical Operations Manager

Chloe Dao

Projects Manager

Michelle Zhang

Finance & Administration

Marisa Warrington

Talent & Media

Kristine Blikseth

Graphic Designer

Rachel Goldsmith

Marketing Coordinator: Online

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